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Quick one here – and I’m genuinely interested in answers here.

I am a techie specialising in one person online business and get asked a lot of questions. I am sometimes asked these questions in a conversation situation, that is someone speaks to me.

I then proceed to answer their question, and they interrupt me to ask it again (or sometimes to ask another question).

For example, I recently got asked what PHP is. Obviously I’m not going to explain it’s a scripting language because I really don’t want to get bogged down there. I’m being asked this by someone who has made herself a simple WordPress website. All she needs to do is create sales page, add pictures and maybe write blog posts. She doesn’t need to understand about coding and scripting and the like.

So I started to explain it as a piece of software that is installed onto her web hosting that makes her website run ok. If a message comes up to say she needs to update it, she should log a support ticket with her web host and they will probably take care of it. Also she should have a back up of her website.

Except she interrupted me to ask what php is again. More than once.

On the third interruption I said “I’m explaining now what php is, me talking now is me answering your question”.

Is this commonly known as being rude? What should I have done? She didn’t seem to be offended, but at least she let me answer the question. I certainly didn’t want to upset her. She wasn’t an awful person at all.